This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Father Boff is coming to town

Yes, it's the time of year when that strange white-bearded old man, traditionally dressed in red, and in whom most grown-ups don't believe, is said to come down your chimney and leave you gifts.

Leonardo Boff

Father (well, ex-Father) Boff.

Yes, Leonardo Boff is well known for giving surprises to Catholics. Benedict, 89, is one who gave up believing in Boff when he found little packets of Marxism and Liberation Theology on his doorstep, which are well-known to be lethal if consumed.

Francis, 80, is less sceptical. Two years ago, he was given a CD of "Cry of the Earth" by the Gaia Ensemble, and last Christmas he was given a "Communion for All" game. Francis was apparently delighted with these gifts. This Christmas Father Boff is said to have brought him some Deaconesses, and even more packets of Marxism. What will he do with these gifts?

Molesworth Santa-trap

Two traditional Catholics prepare to receive Father Boff into their home.

Do you hear that strange braying sound, children? It's Kasper the red-nosed reindeer, guiding Father Boff's sleigh as he rides over the rooftops. Naughty children, like Raymond, 68, who refuse to believe in Father Boff, will not be getting any new heresies from him this year - so be warned!


  1. It takes a creative mind. I saw that picture of him and did not make the obvious parallel to Santa, and the man is also wearing red! Well done.
    I believe we are all so jaded that nothing would surprise us any longer.
    We are in the interregnum, that period of time between outright heresy and formal correction. I know we are awaiting formal correction with happy anticipation, when it comes (please God) we shall on a very human level feel satisfied, he was NOT able to proceed on his destroy the whole church and poke Catholics in the eye mission, unimpeded. If nothing else, let the record show, he was stood up to, and that is right now, worth lots. May God bless and help Cardinal Burke and the other faithful Cardinals!
    Merry Christmas Eccles and all.

  2. It is whispered that "Father" Boff wrote most of that encyclical on saving the world and although he is not a cleric any more it is just possible that Pope Francis might secretly reinstate him along with several hundred Argentinian ex-priests who left and got married.

    1. Too too possible. He might even be a Cardinal 'in pectore', along with James Martin LGBTSJ. Mind you, all that hair might be a bit prickly on the papal 'pectus'.
      Well, qua Mouse, must try to nose it out (not the hair, you understand).