This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Enda gets a knock.

Over now to Knock in Ireland, the site of the National Marian Shrine: and we have a most unusual pilgrim at the airport.

Enda Life

Knock, knock! Who's there? Enda. Enda who? Enda Life.

Eccles: We are indeed fortunate today to have a visit from that most pious of Catholics, Enda Life, the Teashop of Ireland. Especially at a village known for its shrine to the Blessed Virgin Mary, a woman who carried Jesus in her womb and spent 9 months complaining about it. Good morning, Enda. What are your thoughts on arriving at this sacred place?

Enda: Well, I was thinking that the way to solve Ireland's problems is to bring in liberal abortion laws. As a faithful Catholic, I know that this was something very dear to the heart of Mary.

Knock, knock!

Mary, a figure who has greatly influenced Enda Kenny.

Eccles: Have you discussed this with a priest? If you ask Cardinal Brady politely, he may just be prepared to grant you an interview. I gather that his views are somewhat different.

Enda: Look, am I or am I not allowed to decide for myself what Mary would have wanted? Isn't the Massacre of the Innocents a great Catholic feast?

Eccles: Well, not exactly. You may have got that slightly wrong.

Enda: The great thing about abortion is that it can be used to cure all sorts of unrelated illnesses. Got an infection? Have an abortion. Got a boil on your backside? Have an abortion. Got an ingrowing toenail? Have an abortion. Feeling depressed by the most recent episode of Downton Abbey? Have an abortion.

Witch of Enda

The Witch of Enda urges Saul to bring in abortion legislation.

Eccles: What if I'm not pregnant?

Enda: Oh just kill a random baby. It doesn't much matter whose. We call it "the protection of life."


  1. Does that make Enda a (sick) knock, knock joke? Xx Jess

    1. Knock Knock
      Who's there?
      Enda Who
      Oh no they killed Kenny.

  2. The post-conciliar experience continues with its "springtime" in Ireland. Continuity is the name of the Enda game while the new order reconciles with openness to the world on all issues. Enda catholic education; enda seminaries; enda churches; enda religious houses; enda the church.

  3. I guess Enda ran out of embassies to close...

  4. Thank you Eccles for introducing me to Enda Life the Teashop of Ireland. I really did enjoy the picture of him worshiping before the picture of the Witch of Enda.