This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Just snap out of it!

Today's guest blogger, Fr Giles Fraser of the Guardian, explains mental illness.

handsome Gilesnot-so-handsome Eccles

Amazingly, Giles is more handsome than Eccles.

I was soon in trouble when I started writing for the Guardian. "Like a monkey at the zoo, Giles is intent on displaying himself from his least flattering angle," said one bishop. "Can't you put something in his tea?" Nowadays, of course, everything is put down to mental disorder, even the natural wish of a clergyman to show off to an admiring audience of lefties so that people will think he is clever. Many of my readers think that a good dose of medicine would solve my problems, although opinions differ as to whether it should be Ritalin, strychnine or (a suggestion from a Telegraph journalist) custard.


Modern therapy for people with nervous conditions.

People talk about depression, bi-polar conditions, autism, schizophrenia, ... but do they really exist? No, so snap out of it! Open the window! Climb out and go for a walk! Chew a copy of the Guardian! Read Eccles's hard-hitting blog! Put a tea-cosy on your head! Feeling better now?

I'm a teapot

Teapautism - but it's not an illness.

Look, I'm an expert on depression. After I preach my sermon on Sunday, I see a whole church full of people sitting there, in a catatonic state. Except for the ones hitting their heads against the wall. It's not mental illness, it's just their reaction to my latest theories about what Christ should have said! Perfectly normal!

Let's not try and make people happy. I don't believe in "comfortable words" or cheering up people. Smiling - arentchasickofit???

Mr Happy

Mr Happy. Probably a bigot in his spare time.


  1. Just snap out of it? That's all very well but I've got a whole lot of people who say things on Twitter just to wind me up and what do you think I'm going to do? NOT spend all day snarling and dribbling about it? OMG! GET REAL! WTFWJD? Sit down and have a drink dear and I'll introduce you to my budgie. Thank God I don't have to keep to 140 characters: it's driving me insane.
    Yours etc.
    Twitterer of Tunbridge Wells

  2. This post-conciliar postmodernist phenomenological trend towards sophomaniacal, planophiliac, hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliomania from the liberal modernists is really metacognitively depressional & physiologically disorientating. Tea & custard sound the perfect remedy. Thanks Eccles.

  3. Der Ecles -- U is not Ecles, only I is Ecles

  4. It seems that today everyone has a ‘condition’.

    Acronyms abound for these and can be quite confusing, as in: ADHD, SAD, RAD and AC/DC (Okay, the last one is a rock band, but close enough…)

    In GKC’s time one would have just said that people have idiosyncrasies – which was much more understandable and exculpatory.