This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The apparitions of Muddlejorge

It is likely that the Vatican will soon rule on the authenticity of certain apparitions that have manifested themselves to Pope Francis, apparently with the aim of confusing him (hence, "Muddle Jorge"). Since their messages appear to contradict all Catholic teaching, it is likely that they will be declared bogus.

Cardinal Kasper

A vision of St Caspar

St Caspar, one of the three Magi, is said to have appeared in a dream to the pope, telling him that divorced homosexuals should be allowed to marry other homosexuals in church - and by the way, the Holy Father should ignore everything that St Balthasar said, because he was "a bit African". It is unlikely that this vision of St Caspar will be authenticated.

Peter Saunders

Peter ("Cardinal Pell ate my hamster") Saunders

Peter Saunders, the Chairman of the SBGPE (The Society for Blaming George Pell for Everything), is another who pops up regularly with unconvincing pronouncements. It is hoped that he will soon be "moved aside" to a place where poisonous rubbish isn't out of place - so perhaps a career at the Tablet awaits him.

Pope and Volpi

Pope Francis and the late Fr Volpi

Well, De mortuis nil nisi bonum, as the Latin Mass has it, or So, farewell, then, as the modern translation puts it, so we can't say more here. Anyway, we're just off to a champagne party organized by the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate.

But the visions of Muddlejorge are a load of nonsense, aren't they?


  1. The visions of Muddle Jorge have the approval of the masses, on orders of the secular elite, so that's all that matters. They are authenticated by the New Church that incorporates the atheistic NWO.

  2. Your quote "De mortuis nil nisi bonum," is what I wrote in the comments section of The Australian about that wonderful philanthropist Alan Bond who is to have his funeral conducted in St. Patrick's Basilica in Fremantle on Friday. No doubt but there will many tears shed at that time by the hundreds of people who lost millions of dollars in his enterprises. His first wife, Eileen, will be there but his second one cannot make it since she committed suicide in 2006. It rather reminds me of the Kennedy family and their funerals.

  3. I gather the Vatican is rightly sceptical of 'apparitions' whose messages as conveyed by the seer oscillate between obscure Nature mysticism ('Narcissistic butterflies!' 'Christian bats!') and banal childrearing advice ('Keep TVs out of the bedroom!'). However there are those who suggest that they are wholly in line with the teachings of the Church: 'Don't be like rabbits!' has been hailed as a magisterial addition to the Theology of the Body.

  4. A very sage observation, Eccles, on the "State of Play in the Post-Conciliar Catholic Church" (have they started teaching Latin in Seminaries, yet, and has the startling decline in Mass attendances been attenuated, yet ?)

    Question: Have you heard any whispers, currently circulating, (said to be on the "Agenda" at the next "Sinod") about the possibility of compulsory marriages between certain sects, groups, etc, with giraffes ?

    I think it must be balderdash.

  5. I too have been muddled, by events in the Irish branch of, 'Rent a Pop Mass.'

    But I feel a lot better since I took my doctor's advice, and stopped taking the Tablet.