This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Jesus and Mo tee-shirts banned

In which Eccles makes a new friend.

Atheists were left confused today when they discovered that they were not alone in disagreeing with the London School of Economics Student Union ban on "Jesus and Mo" tee-shirts, which portray Jesus and Mohammed as cartoon characters. Many Christians think the ban is a bit silly too.

Jesus and Mo

A rare moment of truth in "Jesus and Mo".

Although anyone with two brain cells would find them trite, foolish and in poor taste, it is the case that in the eyes of many atheists the Jesus and Mo cartoons are wonderful. According to the J and M web site (and this is true) Richard Dawkins says: Jesus and Mo cartoons are wonderfully funny and true. The New Humanist magazine says: Consistently amusing, frequently thought-provoking and often heart-warming.

Curiously, there are very few quotations from Christians or Muslims, although the Council of Ex-Muslims says: Blaspheming, heretical, filthy Hell fodder (well, yes, that seems to be the point) and Karl Gilberson says: ...humor is humor and this cartoonist doesn't have it (well spotted).

Dawkins cartoon

"Richard the dork" tee-shirts are also banned.

Still, you shouldn't ban tee-shirts for being silly and boring - unless they are expected to cause dangerous cases of narcolepsy in those who see them - so on this occasion, I find myself in the uncomfortable position of siding with the selfish genius himself, when he says: I'm 'offended' by backwards baseball caps, chewing gum, niqabs, 'basically' and 'awesome'. Quick, LSE Student Union, ban them all.

This is really rather embarrassing. Having on numerous occasions portrayed Dawkins on this blog as, at best a self-centered buffoon, and, at worst rather a sinister person, I now find myself in agreement with him on something.

Dawkins the clown

I really regret posting this, Richard. old pal.

Actually, seeing an atheist come out in favour of free speech is rather refreshing. To redress the balance, let's see the French police in action against some anti-same-sex-marriage protesters.

Le jour de gloire

Le jour de gloire est arrivé.

So, after being nice to dear demented Dicky Dawkins, we may finish off with a design for a Hollande from Hell tee-shirt. I hope the LSE students will let me wear it.

Hollande cartoon

Stupide? Moi?


  1. Darling eccles, how does he feel about wet tee-shirts? xx Jess

    1. I would imagine he would feel differently depending on whether you or I were sporting the said item

    2. He'd not get much joy from me in one - he might get a knee in the Crown Jewels though :) Jess xx

  2. Thanks to the small-minded gnomes of the London School of Economics, I have spent a happy hour looking at Jesus and Mo cartoons. Without the publicity I might never have caught up with them. Powerful stuff.

  3. I always wondered what Mohammmed looked like. Glad I know now.

  4. Nothing like the fresh air of publicity. Cough! Splutter!

  5. Think, the EU had the hypocrisy to criticise Turkish police for violent conduct against demos in Constantinople not long ago, sorry Byzantium. The French and Greek police make them look like angels in comparison.