This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Eccles in New York

I is makin a visit to New York, which is where my bruvver Bosco been hidin recently - de UK aint reely welcomin to poeple wiv his unique tallents. Since my camerra got broken I has had to steel some phottos off de Internet.

Scream, Jesus, scream

I saw dis in de Musuem of Modern Art. It's a man listenin to Paul Inwood's music.

I will try and concentrate on de more spiritaully nuorishin sights dat Bosco and me has seen. New York is of course de place where Cradinal Dollan hangs out, and here is a photto of dis well-nuorished man.

Dollan is very amused

"Joe Biden says he's a pious Cathlic."

Actaully de St Patrick Cathedral is all covered in scaffoldin right now, as de masonry became unsafe when Cradinal Dollan conducted a funeral there and started laughin thunderuosly. But here is a pitcher of what it looks like normally.

St Patrick's Cathedral

St Patrick's Cathedral before de Cradinal luaghed.

I went to de Holy Innocents church, West 37th Street. Bosco aint very good at countin, so we took a hymn book wiv us to help us work out where 37 is rellative to de uvver nubmers. Anyway, at dis church dey had a Tridentin Mass. Lattin Masses is very useful in a city where de local vernacooler aint easy to understand. Dere was a parallel translatoin into New Yorkan, which was all about de Lord bein a cool dud wot kicks ass: dat must be de time when He rode into Jerussalem on Plam Sunday.

For de non-Cathlics dere is plenty of uvver churches. My bruvver Bosco's spiritaul needs is very simple so we went to Times Square and participated in a Calumny Chappel service.

Calumny Chappel singers

Eccles and Bosco sings "We is saved pussons" in Times Square.

De one disappiontment so far is de Statue of Libberty, which aint as impressive as poeple finks. It's de same probblem wiv de little mermaid in Copenhaggen, dey needs to get a big mermaid.

Statue of Libberty

Statue of Libberty. Dis iddle punched Bosco when he kissed it.

Well, dat's enuogh suovenirs of New York. Wot shall I blogg on next? De world aint been doin much dat's very eddifyin, just now, has it?

Saved pussons?

Annuvver luvvly paintin from de Musuem. Is dey saved pussons?


  1. Huzzah :) Good to hear that you and Bosco are hitting the town - just be careful it doesn't hit back though, darling eccles xx :)

  2. Eccles, while you are there could you call in at the Friars of the Atonement in the Village and give them a message? "Rabit says you ain't savd." Thanks.

    1. OK, it aint far away.

    2. Thanks. Don't get enticed inside. They is all poofs.

  3. Good to see Cardinal Dolan is winning the battle against anorexia.

  4. The painting is by the bulimic artist Munch. He is the one in the background hanging over the railing vomiting after a nervous disorder service.

  5. Dollan and Barack Obama were laughing about your article on church music. They don't like Paul N Wood either.

  6. I hope you get mugged in harlem.

  7. Well, actually, i hope Eccles wasnt in Boston today. We lost some souls to terrorism there today. The police still arent to the bottom of it seeing as how it just happened a few hrs ago. Lots of injured lying on the sidewalks. Im scared for the USA.