This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Saturday Live

Welcome to Saturday Live with me, Richard Coles, and Sian Williams. As usual we have a dazzling array of remarkable guests, who we've invited in to tell their extraordinary stories.

Richard Coles

Father Coles.

Today I'm meeting some grossly-misunderstood people who have suffered a little "brouhaha" in their lives. So I'm pleased to welcome:

Dennis Nilsen, cook, civil servant and Muswell Hill murderer; 
Rosemary West, housewife, mother and serial killer;
Ian Brady, the Moors murderer; and
Peter Sutcliffe, HGV driver and Yorkshire Ripper.
Now, moving as I do in fashionable liberal circles, I sometimes find myself challenged by old-fashioned Biblical teaching, such as "Thou shalt avoid brouhaha," and I expect my guests will have something to say on the subject!


Fun for all the family!

Dennis, perhaps you'd like to start! Were you shocked by all the fuss made about your infringements of the law?

DN: Yes, indeed, Richard. People focus on my serial killing without mentioning the fact that I am able to bake fantastic home-made chocolate eclairs.

RC: Yes, such an obsession with your extra-curricular activities does seem to be uncalled-for. Well, I love chocolate eclairs too. Rosemary, do you have any good recipes you'd like to share with us?

chocolate eclair

Guess which serial killer made this delicious eclair!

RW: Well not really. I only accepted your invitation to come on this programme because I was told that I'd be meeting Kermit Gosnell. He's a real hero of mine.

RC: Sorry, Rosemary, we couldn't get him. He's been booked to do Thought for the Day, instead. Now, Ian, I gather you're interested in fell-walking...


  1. Saturday live - for those who had the good fortune to be born; surely the Rev. Rich would want to be more nuanced on this 'live' business? xx Jess

  2. The delicious eclair was made by Thomas Cream the "Lambeth Poisoner"

  3. Eccles is this blatant homophonia really needed?