This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Saturday, 27 April 2013

The dark side of Catholic Voices

What is this sinister organization known only as Catholic Voices - is it linked to the Freemasons, Opus Dei, Mafia or the North Korean government? In a special guest post, Damian Thompson expresses his concerns.

Kathleen Griffin

The Faceless Kathleen Griffin (official CV portrait).

Whenever the media wish to hear the views of a Catholic on one of the major religious issues of our day - for example, the election of Pope Francis, the government's attempts to redefine marriage, or whether coleslaw is so called because it resembles the inane witterings of the Rev. Richard Coles - you can be sure that Catholic Voices will worm its way onto the airwaves.

albino monk

A sinister albino monk - is he the power behind Catholic Voices?

Oh, they wouldn't let me join, would they? They said I had a squeaky voice and couldn't be relied on not to storm out of the studio if challenged by Peter Hitchens. Wasn't it simply that they were scared that, if they taught me the funny handshake and the secret passwords, I could expose them to the world?

Austen Ivereigh

Austen "Ronnie Corbett" Ivereigh - told me to grow up.

Look at the people involved: Jack Valero (Opus Dei), Caroline Farrow (mother of 12, and bullying commentator on my blog), Peter Williams (Right to Life), ... well, the list speaks for itself. Then look at how they are funded - by donations from individuals and organizations. That's very mysterious, don't you think?

Mugabe and his cash

Robert Mugabe - a prominent Catholic. Does he donate to CV?

Paul Priest, Archbishop of Corby, adds his own concerns.

Brilliant article, Damian! Have you noticed that many of the Catholic Voices people are converts? This means that, say ten years ago, they may have been atheists, Muslims, Satanic fire-worshippers... who knows what? Do we really want Satanic fire-worshippers speaking out for the Catholic church?


On the side of the angels...

What's more they promote the time-bomb of Vatican II-type liturgical/doctrinal/moral Vichyist revisionism. Trust me, I know an ontological paradigm shift when I see it - we were warned about them in the encyclicals of Pope Benedict XVI, which I've read from cover to cover, not to mention the complete works of Dan Brown.


Piero Marini presents Pope Benedict XVI with a liturgical/doctrinal/moral time-bomb.

So there we have it. Be afraid... be very afraid. These faceless anonymous secretive people, who are never off your television screens, are clearly hiding something very sinister.


  1. darling eccles, they is not be confuzed with the confuzinly-named 'Catflicks4Choice' is they? xx Jess

    1. That would be "Catholic Vices" perhaps, Jess.

    2. Wiv the note written by anti-moly, who is good on Caflick vices. Wot's happened to her, by the way? xx Jess

    3. Dat's de grate mystery. She went out lookin for gin several months ago, and aint been seen since.

  2. ...and another thing, Damian...

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  3. Catholic Voices are releasing a single featuring Mugabe and Austen I.

    It will be a cover of "Ebony and Ivereigh".

  4. Live together in perfect harmony...

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  6. Dawkins is an ontological paradigm shift. He's made a monkey business out of origins.