This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Friday, 19 April 2013

Let us spray

Following Pope Francis's description of some people's religious beliefs in terms of a "God-spray," and Fr Finigan's offer to market such a product, we can now reveal more about this miraculous aid to sanctity.

God Spray

Amazingly, I found this on

We interviewed a few famous Catholics, and asked their opinions of the God Spray.

Francis and Vin

"I've told all the bloggers that they're damned, Holy Father."

Vincent Nichols: "It's using my God Spray that keeps me so cheerful. No need to worry about what's going on in the Archdiocese of Westminster - a blast of God Spray puts everything right. But don't you dare blog about it."

Hans Küng spray

Hans Küng is marketing his own fragrance.

Hans Küng: "No, don't use God Spray. Use MY fragrance instead. I need more people to believe in ME. After all, I'm a learned professor who has written 9027 books about Catholicism!"

bitter pill

The God Spray is available in Tablet form, as well.

Catherine Pepinster: "Just take one of our bitter pills, and you will be suffused by a warm feeling of sanctimonyty. In fact, there's no need even to take them, just buy our Tablets and throw them away as soon as you get home. That's what everyone else does."

But even atheists have found that a spray-on faith can be useful.

Dawkins and a rabbit

Whenever I'm debating with a stuffed rabbit, I spray on "Atheist Mist" perfume first.


  1. darling eccles - which one was the stuffed rabit? xx Jess

    1. A good questoin, Jessicca dear. De one on de right looks like it's winnin de argument.

  2. Good to see Pope Francis is up on English literature, as this is an obvious reference to ”The Vicar of Spray”.

    Plus the Vicar’s aspirations were not lost on the Holy Father: “And I had been a Jesuit, but for the Revolution”

  3. I've just heard that Liverpool Archdiocese has given permission for Spray Masses for the Let's Spray Bilingual and Translation movement.

  4. Aaaand there goes the quarter-million mark! (As usual, I missed the moment itself.) Congrats and ad muddles annals!

  5. Why are Dawkins and the rabbit debating in a photo booth?

    Apparently Dawkins told the rabbit that it was just a meaningless collection of chemical reactions.

    The rabbit told Dawkins to get stuffed.

  6. Burrito, I am surprised you think a rabit could be so rood. You must have met some very rood and norty rabits in your time. In my experience, rabits is ever so polite and not rood.