This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Monday, 1 April 2013

Saint of the week

In the beginning was the wood.

Pinocchio doll

St Pinocchio is venerated in many South American churches.

Pinocchio is an unusual saint, having originally been constructed as a wooden puppet. His life is well documented in Carlo Collodi's biography, but his main claim to fame is the story of his nose. As Pope Francis explained in his sermon on St Pinocchio's day: "The nose of St Pinocchio is a lesson to all of us. It grew in length whenever he told lies, thus teaching him the Christian virtues of truth and honesty."


Pinocchio, before he became human (and saved).

Knowing that the new Holy Father looks favourably on the representation of St Pinocchio at Mass, many traditionalist parishes - such as Our Lady of the Rosary in Blackfen, the Church of Our Saviour in New York City, and Santissima Trinità dei Pellegrini in Rome - are expecting to employ giant dolls as an aid to worship in the near future.

Brompton Oratory

The Brompton Oratory - when will we see Pinocchio puppets at Solemn High Mass?

St Pinocchio himself later became human - indeed, the wood became flesh, as St John almost put it. The circumstances of his eventual death are unclear, and some versions of the legend state that "he lived happily ever after." In that case he is still around somewhere, perhaps even writing a blog.

Jesus doll

Other religious figures seen at High Mass (note Melvyn Bragg behind Our Lord).


  1. I was expecting to see yore Bruvver Bosco, or does he only do clown masses? xx Jess

    1. I think puppet masses is thoelogically too deep for my darlin bruvver.

  2. Good thing he's Pope now! No more puppets for him. Thanks be to God. ;-)

  3. Now that summer is a coming in, perhaps Francis would like to practise a spot of inculturation. I can get my hands on a wicker man, and he can put any troublesome liturgical MCs and nuncios inside and dance round them in his black clogs. Just a thought from a wicked witch.

  4. In the beginning was the wood?

    Finally someone recognises the correct translation of "logos"

  5. Well, someone was certainly pulling the strings to get hymn conanised.

  6. St Pinochio was instrumental in having Nosaic Lore abolished.

  7. St Pinnochio it was who led the crusade against the pernicious heresy known as Marionettry.